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  • Welcome to my website!!!
    September 14th, 1986 was my first day on this planet. If I had been a little bit faster, I would have been born in the Trabant. I come from Prague, but I spent my childhood in Třeboň, southern Bohemia. My parents, siblings and I lived in Třeboň without electrocity. After completing basic school in Třeboň I moved back to Prague to study at the high art school of Václav Hollar. My friends and I published our own alternative art magazine there. This was when our band, Vobezdud, was born.
    I´m the violin player with the bow drawn into my skin.
    After graduation I passed the exams to get into the Jaroslav Róna sculpture studio
    I successfully finished my studies there in 2012. On the tram, whose number and direction I forgot, I met my Jakub, the one who I married on September 11th, 2010, on an island in the middle of the World (name of the fish pond). I´m more than happy with him.
    I love landscapes under a blanket of snow, and especially the mountains, but also the sea makes me satisfied. I´m surfing on a dream wave driving it to a sea of unconsciousness to diving a bit.

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